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Tourism AND Communities :
confronting experiences and links


A consortium including a vietnamese (Van Lang University) and french institutions (Université de Pau et Pays de l’Adour, and University of La Reunion) has been working on an AUF-funded inter-university scientific cooperation project (ISCP) in the Asia-Pacific region. Together with Cambodia Royal University and Naruesan University in Thaïland, they have developped a research / training program focussing on the relationships between tourism and communities.

The research activities they have developed have shown that the concept of Community-based tourism varies a lot with the places and angles through which it is considered. The researchers intend to conclude the program by a conference. The major goal of this conference  is to put these various interpretations into  perspective and to analyze how they differ from a country and from an institution to another. The conference will be followed by one day-long workshop during which Ph.D. students in Humanities from the Asia-Pacific Region and specialized in tourism will have the opportunity to share and confront their experiences and views.

Dates, venues and program

The conference will be held late October 2011, either in MUI NE, a balnear station north of Vung Tau (former Cap Saint Jacques), or in Ho Chi Minh City (Van Lang University). Final information about the program will be made available as soon as possible.

Bien Bien

Paper proposals :

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